What version of SharePoint does Reminder 365 work with?

It works with all versions of SharePoint on Office 365

Is this a new version of your on-premises product, SharePoint Reminder?

No, Reminder 365 is an entirely separate product. Reminder 365 is a hosted solution with a very different pricing model and structure, so it isn’t possible to migrate licenses or alerts.

Can I install Reminder 365 directly on my site (e.g. as a sandbox solution)?

Unfortunately it’s necessary to have Reminder 365 run as a hosted service. Running this kind of solution (or even just the interface) within a sandbox solution is simply not possible.

Why isn’t my list showing on the “Add Alert” page?

Either the account you’re using doesn’t have permissions to that list, or there’s an invalid column (usually the result of importing list templates). Invalid columns are shown on the List Settings page on your site.

Who is behind this?

Pentalogic Technology Ltd is a UK based company that has been developing web parts and add-ons for the Microsoft SharePoint platform since 2005.

I’ve got a question or idea – who do I contact?

Great! Get in touch with us at support@pentalogic.net